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WeatherEdge Panels

All panels are made from 29ga. steel.......

WeatherBest Panel

29ga. Steel

- Galvalume AZ -50
- 29 Gauge
- 40 Year Limited Warranty
- Available In 19 Colors & Unpainted

WeatherBest 90 Panel

29ga. Steel

- Galvanized G-90
- 29ga Gauge
- 40 Year Limited Warranty
- Available In White, Brite White, Evergreen & Unpainted

WeatherBest 42 Panel

29ga. Steel

- Galvalume AZ -50
- 29ga Painted
- 10 Year Limited Warranty
- Available In Limited Colors

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DRIPSTOP - Condensation Control

Controlling Condensation

When the temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point, moisture condenses on the underside of an uninsulated metal roof. Drops of water will then form and start to fall, causing damage to the contents below. The traditional method for dealing with condensation is to try and insulate the roof so that the temperature on the panel never reaches the dew point.

The roof panel with DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt provides a medium for trapping this moisture in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. DRIPSTOP holds that moisture until conditions go back below the dew point and it is released back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

Why Add DRIPSTOP Condensation Control?

Durable & Easy to Maintain!

  • Easy to clean - a hose or pressure washer can be used to clean if needed
  • Durable - won't rip or tear, is mold & mildew resistant, and stops bird nesting troubles

DRIPSTOP also reduces rain noise and, as tests have shown, adds another layer of protection specifically from the corrosive elements in livestock confinements!

Saves Time & Money!

  • Saves Money - no additional labor costs for installing insulation
  • Factory-applied coating - it arrives at the jobsite already on the steel
  • Saves Time- completely cuts out one step of the building process, and up to half the time on the roof

Ask about adding DRIPSTOP to your next order!